About Us

Leaving the corporate world wasn't going to be easy for neither one of us. However, both Marjon and I, did exactly that. I used to be an IT Specialist and Marjon was in Marketing and Sales. We had just gotten married and started a family. Two days before  leaving for our honeymoon, I had gotten a pink slip from the company where I worked for in Chicago. Not very easy pill to swallow. 

With business blood running in both of our veins, we decided to continue the family legacy of designing and manufacturing handmade Jewelry.  I travel the world to get the stones that I need to get. We specialize in rare and hard to find stones as shown below:

The blue stone is called Larimar and it is only found in 1/2 mile radius of the entire planet in the Carribean Island of Dominican Republic.  Above are two miners where I buy my stones from directly.  This way, the savings of not buying from the middlemen is passed right to the customers.  This is just one example of many products that we purchase straight from the source.  

We love the work that we do.  To us, it is not work, it is a passion.  We manufacture our products in the same part of the world and with the same skilled talent that Bigger Name Brands use.  We started our own branch of Jewelry wholesale in Chicago back in 2003. We than branched off to Retail in 2008.  That is right, in the middle of recession.  Not only did we survive, but also we thrived to a second larger location in the Magnificent Landmark Building Palmer House Hilton where we now have a beautiful boutique.  

Our Store Location at Palmer House: Please Visit Kim or Maria

17 East Monroe St

Chicago IL, 60603



Also our Kiosk Location on Michigan Ave: Please visit Marjon or Gula

520 N Michigan Ave

Chicago IL, 60611