About Us

After getting married in 2002, we were on the way to our honeymoon, when the pink slip came knocking on my door. At the time, I was an IT Specialist, while my wife, Marjon, was working in Marketing and Sales. We decided to take the jump and leave the corporate world. It wasn’t the easiest decision for either of us, but it was the new start of our life journey. 

With business blood running in both of our veins, we decided to continue the family legacy of designing and manufacturing handmade Jewelry. We travel the world seasonally to obtain the stones we require. Our specialty includes exploring rare and hard to find stones, such as this below:

Larimar, the beautiful blue stone above, is only found in a ½ mile radius on Earth, located in the Dominican Republic, a Caribbean Island. The two local miners shown in the photo assist us in our search of these stones, and we directly buy our stones from them. With this strategy, the savings of avoiding purchase from the middlemen is passed right to the customers. This sole purchase of this stone is only one example of the many products we purchase firsthand from many different miners from around the world.

Our business is built around the love and passion we obtain for our profession. We don’t treat Moda Marjon as a regular 9 to 5, but we rather treat it like a life adventure. We produce and manufacture our products in the same part of the world and with the same skilled talent that Bigger Name Brands attain. We started Moda Marjon as a new launch to the jewelry world in Chicago, 2003. We then branched off to retail in 2008, during a recession. We survived off the admiration we have for our store, and we even thrived to a larger location in the Palmer House Hilton, a Magnificent Landmark Building in the heart of Chicago. Our hard work, dedication, and passion helped us through the hardships we experienced, giving us our beautiful boutique and proud customers. 

In addition to our retail store in Chicago, we are launching our website to finally have a presence on the World Wide Web. With all the retail moving online, we are here to join this trend and offer our products to our customers around the world. We are looking forward to serve all of our customers’ needs and will stand by our products 100%.  We look forward to seeing you either in our retail store or our online shop.

Our Store Location at Palmer House: Please Visit us.

17 East Monroe St

Chicago IL, 60603